I Got My Car Smashed Up

The other car was not the one that caused the wreck. It was trying to avoid a guy in a huge Chevy Suburban that had run a red light and it went along it’s way with no damage. The other guy hit me almost head on. It crushed the front driver’s side of the car and spun it around so that another driver hit me in the rear passenger side. I was in real pain at first, but it was a couple of days before I realized that I needed a Phoenix chiropractor to straighten out my back, that is what I needed, but a doctor spent a lot of time trying to convince me that they could do what I needed to have done. It is a big problem when you listen to someone who is apparently trying to fix you up with more and more stuff that he can charge your insurance company for. At least that was the feeling that I got at the end.

In fact the only thing that the doctor could do for me was to prescribe pain pills, which really do not solve any problems and can cause a ton of them. The pills will make it so that you do not think about the pain, but the stuff that causes the pain is still there just the same. You see so many people in this country that get hooked on those pills and ruin their lives. This guy I work with told me about this guy who got in a wreck and after it was over he ended up doing heroin. That is not something that I even want to think about, so I told the doctor that I would just take the pain instead of the pills. I did eat a whole lot of alleve.