Getting Dental Implants Was a Great Idea

I did not make the best choices when I was younger in most things. Even with this, there are not a lot of things I regret because I definitely learned a lot from my mistakes. The biggest regret I have is not taking better care of my teeth. I would brush them at least once a day, but I did not floss or use any kind of rinse, and there were times where I might have only brushed for maybe half a minute, which is not long enough. That is why I needed dental implants in Greenwood Village not long ago.

My teeth really paid the ultimate price in my lack of care. Even though I did go to a dentist when I first started hurting with my teeth, I only stayed long enough to have a cavity filled or a tooth pulled. If I had maintained any type of dental care, I would not have lost several teeth that were very obvious when I smiled. Everything changed for me when I fell in love though, and I wanted to be the best person possible. I wanted to have a nice smile for the woman I love, and I also wanted it to be nice for me too.

I knew that I was going to need to have dental implants because of the missing teeth, and I found a dental center online that was able to help me with that. I did not have any kind of dental insurance, but they were still able to work with me to help me with the implants. The price was reasonable, and I definitely look a lot better. I would rarely smile before, and it is as if I cannot stop smiling now. I wish I could say it is because of my nice looking teeth, but I suspect it is because of the woman I am going to marry!