My Chiropractor is Part of My Health Team Now

I always thought that a person would go to a chiropractor in San Diego only if they were having significant problems with back pain or if they were involved in a serious car accident. I had no idea that regular people like me go there all the time, and it can mean a world of difference to them when they go. I found this out when a good friend of mine told me that she had been seeing a chiropractor for a couple of months now, and that she was feeling better than she had in a very long time.

I didn’t understand this at all, because she had never complained about back issues before to me. She laughed when I told her that, and explained then that she did not initially go to one because of any back pain that she was experiencing. She went because her primary care physician had stated that it would help her a lot by going to one because she had been feeling very lethargic. I knew about this, and I had attributed it to her having such a busy life these last six months or so.

She explained that when she went, the doctor was very nice. He talked with her about her life to see what all she had going on, and then he did a very easy physical exam on her. He answered all of her questions about how chiropractic care could make her feel better about herself and with herself, and he was right on every single thing he told her. She encouraged me to give it a try, and then guaranteed that I would not be disappointed with the results. It is hard to pass up something like that, so I made an appointment with him since my insurance would cover it. She was right, and my chiropractor is now a regular member of my health team.