Signs That Prescription Drug Abuse is Taking Place

When many people think of drug abuse, they have visions of the use of illegal substances. Without minimizing the prevalence of abuse related to illegal drugs, it pays to understand that there is such a thing as prescription drug abuse. In fact, it can happen before anyone realizes what is going on. Here are some signs that indicate some type of prescribed medication is not being utilized properly and addiction is just around the corner.

Taking a Little More Just One Time

There’s a reason that medical professionals limit the dosages of most medications. Exceeding the dosage is likely to trigger unpleasant side effects. Along with feeling odd because of the increased dosage, there is also the possibility to begin depending on that medication a little too much. Before long, the prescribed dosage isn’t enough and the individual start looking for ways to get a little more.

A prime example of this type of abuse is with medications prescribed for anxiety disorders. When used according to the doctor’s instructions and in tandem with other treatments designed to address the underlying cause of the anxiety, the medication is a helpful management tool. If the patient begins to take an extra dosage and finds that getting by without having that extra pill each day makes things worse, it’s time to seek help immediately. Without help, the dependency will increase to the point that the individual is taking a dangerous rather than a helpful amount.

Using Cloak and Dagger Methods to Get More

When it becomes necessary to conceal things from the primary care physician in order to get more of the drug, there is no good way for things to turn out. Getting more of the drug means trying methods like going to different doctors, having a consultation with an online physician and obtaining a prescription, or ordering drugs from questionable online sites. Along with feeding the addiction, obtaining medication from unreliable sources could mean being exposed to ingredients that cause even more harm.

When anyone feels a dependency developing, talk to a physician immediately. It may be time to wean off the drug and go with some other type of treatment. Life will be a lot better if the problem is resolved now rather than after it has taken over every aspect of living.