I Started to Work in Sales

It was rather weird in fact, but the guy who hired me made me open my mouth and he shined a flash light on my teeth. I suppose it was fortunate for me that I had recently been to a dentist her for teeth whitening, because he seemed to think that this was really vital. They seemed to have some odd ideas at first, but when you think about it then there is a logic to the entire thing. The big idea was that they wanted to have a confident sales person. You have to look as though you are selling the word of God it would seem, a true believer spreading the gospel among the heathens as it were. That seems weird when you are selling a used car, but then the buyer is not going to believe what you say if you are all wishy washy about it.

However I am not really interested in pushing people very much, particularly if they are not really interested in buying. So far I have sold a few vehicles and I have not had any really hard sales pitches. I learned all that I could about the cars on the lot. Some of them I drove a bit and if there was something I thought was off I made a point of disclosing it. I figure that is a really good way to earn the trust of the buyer, you tell them the whole truth even when it does you no favors. Then when you tell them the good points about a vehicle they believe you are being honest to them. In fact the best thing is that I get to borrow vehicles off of the lot when I need one. I needed a pick up truck to help my Mom and she was most pleased.